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About David Wilson

David Wilson

David is our expert. He lives, sleeps and dreams gardening.

His passion for plants began as a small boy, when he worked alongside his grandmother, helping her tend her cottage style garden in Ireland.

A distinguished horticultural education led to a career in commercial nursery production and eventually to lecturing activity and appearances on radio and television. His deep knowledge and practical experience, has taken him to many distant parts, to view plants in their natural surroundings and in celebrated [renowned] gardens all over of the world.

David has written most of the content for our Garden Splendor® Web site. He enjoys growing and talking about plants, extolling their virtues and sharing his knowledge.

"Garden Splendor is a perfect way to ensure success," he proclaims. "Big beautiful plants, grown to perfection, then presented and supported with down to earth practical information."

"Sure you can't beat that," he says with his adorable, lilting Irish accent. "And it's available via the Web site, seven days a week - twenty-four hours a day," he adds, with a wee smile.

Look in over his shoulder as he presents a host of ideas and suggestions in his Videos, Projects and Timely Tips section.

And if you have a gardening question and ysou're not sure where to turn, David is standing by to help.

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