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Questions (and Answers) with our Garden Expert

Campanula punctata "Bowl of Cherries" bellflower

What is the normal growing cycle of this plant? Is this plant a perennial? Will it tolerate cold winters? Find out.

Can I purchase Garden Splendor plants over the Internet?
Can you suggest a good Shade Climber?

See which varieties of Clematis, Hibiscus and Hydrangeas David recommends.

Can you suggest any Clematis?

David provides a whole list of Clematis he suggests you consider. Have a look!

Does clematis require any special pruning?

If it's Clematis you want to know about, then this is the perfect starting point.

Please help me find the right perennial
Please help me with my new Hibiscus

There are around 200 different species of Hibiscus - most of them tropical, which is why, you have to bring your other plants in for the winter. Here, David offers great details and reveals some keen tricks - not to mention a "crazy" one. But don't call him crazy - yet - until you have read everything.

Training a clematis to climb

Learn about some old tricks and new ways to train your clematis to climb properly. Excerpt:

In the old days head gardeners were also known to place a big rock on the soil to help keep the roots cool. Today, we use a good layer of mulch to help keep the soil cool and moist.

When is the best time to transplant a cherry tree?

David talks about the best time to plant/transplant a cherry tree, and gives some pointers on how to handle it.




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