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David's Favorite Plants

Hibiscus 'Kopper King'

As you can probably tell from my descriptions, I am fond of most plants and can usually find at least a few redeeming features in those that many other pundits would discount.

I must admit, I am hard pressed to find much to enthuse about, when faced with noxious weeds, invasive plants or some of the down right ugly beings that have made it into commercial horticultural production. I'm talking about plants of course - not human beings!

I suppose the old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" holds through, and while this is a personal selection, I hope you will find it a practical, unbiased one, that helps you select those tried and true performers that over the years, I have found invaluable.

In addition to those already mentioned in our Feature Plants section, here is a list that I think stands out from the crowd and I recommend, as worthy of consideration when choosing plants for your garden.

Woody Plants (commonly called Shrubs)







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