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Showcase Plants: Clematis Crystal Fountain

Plant Features

Clematis Crystal Fountain

Common name: Clematis

Clematis Crystal Fountain™ Evipo038 (PPAF) is a marvelous, compact growing vine that is covered with multitudes of amazing double flowers. Each 4½ – 6 inch wide blossom opens to reveal a spray of creamy-white stamens against a background of large, lilac-blue petals – a flower of extraordinary beauty. It's terrifically floriferous, both in quantity of blooms and their duration; making it one of the most exciting vines we have ever had the pleasure of telling you about.

Long Blooming
Clematis Crystal Fountain begins flowering in late spring or early summer continuing into summer with another strong burst again in late summer and autumn.

Plant Fact Sheet

Clematis Crystal Fountain

Flower Color: Blue shades

Foliage Color: Green shades

Sun Tolerance: Sun to Partial Shade

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained soil

USDA Plant Hardiness: Zone 4

Plant Height: 6’

Plant Spread: 3’

Plant Video

Clematis Crystal Fountain

Plant Uses: Clematis Crystal Fountain

An ideal size for any garden

The compact, bushy habit of Clematis Crystal Fountain, coupled with its ability to produce so many flowers for such a long time, makes it perfect for gardens of every size. It looks great trained on archways, pergolas, arbors, trellises, or even fences. Give it something to clamber up, and twine it around lamp posts, clothe walls and screens; all it needs is a framework of trellis, chicken wire, or strands of wire to grasp. It is vigorous enough to train into evergreen shrubs or pair with climbing roses; just plant it nearby and let it scramble though them.

Great Use of Space
Clematis Crystal Fountain grows upwards and takes up very little space, so it is a fabulous way to add color to smaller garden spaces. It is a wonderful choice for containers, pots and planters, and will make a striking impact in town gardens, back yards, entry ways, decks, patios, or around swimming pools. Even in cities (where you may not have a garden at all), it can be grown in larger sized pots to bring a lively explosion of color to balconies and roof gardens.

Hardy and Easy to Grow
Clematis Crystal Fountain is hardy to Zone 4. Choose a site that has well-drained soil; however, in a sunny position, you can use any ordinary soil. Clematis like to have a cool root system, so we recommend you dig a generous sized hole, incorporate plenty of planting compost, and finish off with a deep layer of mulch to help insulate the soil and retain moisture in summer. Water regularly until the new roots are established, and then continue as needed if the weather turns dry. The tags and this link will explain all the tips on growing clematis that you need to know. If you are in doubt, ask us here at the garden center. We will be happy to provide extra guidance.

Plant Care: Clematis Crystal Fountain

Simple Steps = Long Term Results

Clematis Crystal Fountain is a large, early flowering hybrid which flowers on both old and new wood. To encourage the most spectacular display, it is only necessary to prune lightly. This is best done after most of the first round of flowering ceases. Just snip off any old flower heads, take out any dead and weak shoots, and shorten back any straggly ones. This encourages new growth that will bring renewed flowering in late summer and early autumn.

Light fertilizing and watering during dry periods also helps to sustain strong regrowth and ultimately more flowering.

Image Gallery: Clematis Crystal Fountain

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The Story Behind The Plant

“Empress of the vine”

Clematis is sometimes described as the "Queen of the Vine". Perhaps Clematis Crystal Fountain should be called "Empress of the Vine" for this exquisite beauty hails from Japan. It was selected by Hiroshi Hayakawa, who discovered it as a spontaneous sport of the Clematis variety ‘H.F. Young’ at the Anjo Clematis Garden in Aichi Prefecture in 1994. Raymond Evison, owner of the world's foremost clematis nursery, was so impressed when he visited that he had it sent to his Guernsey Clematis Nursery in the UK for testing and evaluation. Raymond fondly recalls that when he first saw it, he told Mr. Hayakawa that it reminded him of a Welsh sheep dog with hair covering its eyes. Raymond goes on to explain that 'we normally test plants for between 8 and 10 years, but this plant proved itself very quickly." They introduced it to rave reviews at the famous Chelsea Flower Show in 2002.

In our trials, we have found it to be an exceptionally good performer and worthy of being included in our award winning plant line up.

Clematis Crystal Fountain is another fine example of how Garden Splendor® offers you the best of the worlds finest plant selections. That's why they are described as "the best of the tried and true and the most promising of the exciting and new"; and universally recognized as Plants Worth Remembering™.

We have superb, premium sized plants of Clematis Crystal Fountain in stock now at our garden center. They are in perfect condition and ready to go to a good home – like yours!

Remember: Enjoy your gardening. It's good for you and the environment, too.


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