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Showcase Plants: Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ PP# 18,196

Plant Features

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Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'
Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'

Common name: Garden Phlox

An exciting new dwarf garden phlox with amazing, candy striped flowers.

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Long summer afternoons and evenings are meant to be enjoyed, and with the arrival of Phlox paniculata ‘Peppermint Twist’, this awesome new garden phlox, they just became a whole lot more colorful and enjoyable. For along with butterflies, delightful fragrance, good disease resistance, and a compact, easy to look after growing trait, comes a stunning new "knock your socks off" floral pattern.

Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ has breathtaking striped flowers. Each five-petaled single flower has a vivid pink band running through a white background. Resembling a child's twirling paper windmill, the effect of all these stripes radiating out from a central axis is very dramatic, and because each big, rounded flower head is composed of multiple flowers, the combined effect of all these streaked flowers is nothing short of amazing.

Plant Description

An ideal size for any garden

Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'
Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'

The first blooms on Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ appear in early to mid-summer and are displayed prominently above the short, compact growing, mild green foliage. That's one of the things that make this variety so outstanding. Along with these spectacular flowers, comes a total plant height that is only about 14–16 inches high. This means that it is suitable for gardens of all sizes, from minute town gardens where every inch counts, to larger sprawling sites where numerous plants can be massed to create drifts of dazzling color. In fact, for most gardens it is an ideal size, short and stocky enough to stand up to bouts of windy weather and sudden downpours of rainfall, while still big enough to make terrific impact. It saves on labor too, for unlike their taller lanky cousins, these short, sturdy stemmed plants do not need any tiresome staking and tying. This dwarf nature is coupled with a free branching bushy habit which means many stems. Since all these stems have lots of flowers, there's certain be a tremendous display that will keep coming all summer long.

Plant Uses

Perfect just about anywhere

Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'
Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'

The neat, rounded shape means that Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ can be placed just about anywhere that needs an injection of color. Individual plants or small groups can be positioned near the fronts of beds, mixed borders, foundation plantings etc. They can be used to line paths and driveways, and since it is so colorful it is great for use around swimming pools, decks and patios and any other prominent spots where the impressive flowers can shine.

Marvelous in decorative pots and containers
Inserting them temporarily in decorative containers is a marvelous way to add color and interest to family areas, the brilliant color will welcome visitors at entranceways, introduce nice fragrances to seating areas and generally liven up any places that could do with a burst of color. Since our Garden Splendor® plants are nice big, premium sized specimens, they will instantly provide stunning and long lasting color, they don't even need to transplanted, there is enough sustenance in the pots to safely keep them going through the rest of the season, just water them regularly, do a little dead heading and they'll keep on flowering throughout the summer. A few pots set into a window box or decorative planters will transform any place and provide incredible color that is certain to impress. Then, at the end of the season when it's time to change the display; just plant them out in the garden where they will over-winter, ready to come again for many years into the future.

Fabulous cut flowers
Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ last about a week or so, when cut and placed in water, so how about picking a few stems to put in a vase, it couldn't be easier, just snip them in the cool of an evening or first thing in the morning, pick them just as the first flowers are opening and you will be able to enjoy them indoors as well as outside in the garden.

Plant Fact Sheet

Phlox paniculata ‘Peppermint Twist’ PP#18,196

Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'
Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'

Flower Color: Pink shades

Foliage Color: Green shades

Sun Tolerance: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Preferred Soil Type: Well drained soil

USDA Plant Hardiness: Zone 4

Plant Height: 14–16”

Plant Spread: 12–15”

Plant Care

The Planting and Growing Recipe

Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'
Phlox 'Peppermint Twist'

Easy to Grow
Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’
is easy to grow; all it needs is a reasonably fertile site in a sunny, open location. Phlox dislike wet soggy conditions, so make sure that the site has decent drainage and does not lie wet. Follow the planting directions on our tags, or check out the information here on our Garden Splendor® website.

We are very fond of this new variety, it is a good, robust grower with excellent resistance to powdery mildew, this disfiguring disease (that looks as if someone scattered talcum powder over the leaves), is the bane of many older varieties. We are pleased to report that in our trials it has stood up well, remaining clean and vigorous, when quite a few of the older, traditional varieties succumbed to its debilitating effects.

Provides great color year after year
If the fading flower heads are removed, new, fresh growth from lower down on the stems will sprout and in a few weeks new flowers will emerge to extend the flower period. If this is carried out regularly, it is possible to keep them blooming well into early autumn. Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ is a perennial phlox, so it will come back year after year, to bring many years of color, pleasure and enjoyment.

The Story Behind The Plant

A lucky discovery

Selected by Jan Verschoor on his nursery in Haarlem, The Netherlands in 2001, Phlox ‘Peppermint Twist’ turned up as a branch sport on a plant of a compact, pink flowering variety called Phlox ‘Candy Floss’.

Jan Verschoor
In 2001, Marc Laviana, from Sunny Border Nurseries, discovered Phlox 'Peppermint Twist' while visitng Jan Verschoor's nursery in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Jan tells me that on a very sunny day in July 2001 he was showing a delegation of American nursery people around his nursery. They were viewing rows of dwarf growing phlox that Jan had bred and introduced in a large field, when one of the visitors, Marc Laviana, from Sunny Border Nurseries, looked across rows of a very good variety called ‘Candy Floss’ that Jan had bred and introduced in 1988. It's hard to believe, but from a distance of over 100 yards, Marc spotted a single stem with very unusual striped flowers. Jan says that when they all went over to take a closer look "our eyes nearly popped out of our heads; we hardly trusted our own eyes. We were all speechless for a while." This highly unusual flower was standing out so prominently against the solid pink of its parent variety.

Our Garden Center has just received the first supplies of this astonishing new variety, so how about calling in soon to see it for yourself? We think you will really like it. It is another excellent example of what we mean when we say that Garden Splendor® plants are "the best of the tried and true and the most promising of the exciting and new".

Until next time, enjoy your gardening, its good for you, and for the environment.


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