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About Garden Splendor®

Garden Splendor® is designed to be the most informative and fulfilling gardening experience in America. By supporting a select line of premium plants with a wealth of plant information and offering them through a network of authorized dealers, Garden Splendor® makes gardening easier, more beautiful, and more memorable.

Our Plants Worth Remembering™ encompass the best of the "tried and true" and the most promising of the "exciting and new".

Use this site to see the plants that are so distinct they come with the classy Remember Meā„¢ garden marker. These anodized aluminum labels will proudly identify and mark the location of your plants for years to come.


Because it is made of anodized aluminum, our label serves as a permanent garden marker - making it easier than ever to enjoy and remember your Garden Splendor® plants for years to come. Simply clip the top of the display stake to remove the picture tag and Remember Me™ garden marker from your Garden Splendor® plant before planting.
Then, after you have added your new Garden Splendor® plant to your garden, just place the Remember Me™ marker nearby!


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